Last working day at the SHIPO office

Geplaatst door admin op 2 maart 2012 | Algemeen, Reizen en werken

Today is my last working day at SHIPO in Njombe, Tanzania. At the beginning I thought that 3 weeks is a long period to work and be here. But just like always; time flies.

The marcom strategy ‘Personal Touch’ is a fact. Last week, Evans Mwanibingo and me, worked on the planning, made a time schedule and also initialized most of the suggested marketing tools. Next April there will be a campaign period to promote the SACCOS Program in the 2 pilot areas of Uwemba and Utalingolo. Residents of the 2 wards can buy water supply systems at low costs through micro credits at the SACCOS’s [village banks]. Most important thing of the strategy is that we choose to be as personal as possible in our promotion. In selling terms the campaign slogan: “Get a water pump now and pay later!!” has to do his work. Potential clients can get a loan at 7% interest [normal interest rate in Tanzania is 25%]. This micro credits finance system makes direct and immediate water access possible for everybody in the 2 pilot areas.

Of course the work is not finished in Tanzania. Even not in Africa. Still lots of things to do. Especially on the subject of water supply. Hopefully I contributed a little bit to a better life for some people here. For me it was a real pleasure to work with the Tanzanian people in the Njombe area. And I thank them for their hospitality and faith. Thanks also to SHIPO and Aqua for All. They gave me the opportunity to work on a dream job in Tanzania. It was a beautiful unique experience.