You certainly know colleagues or family members who get nervous at the thought of speaking in front of an audience. Whether this is for many or few people or even when it’s on the telephone. Very short or rather extended presentations. Early in the morning or at the end of the day talks. Self-confidence is missing. Thinking: “What if I mess up?”

Maybe you recognize yourself in this! As an experienced communication strategist and a professional speaker coach, I can help you. And yes, I can teach you this in a way you will always know what the best approach on this is, in terms of content and form.

How? With Presentation-Master’s own consultancy program; a professional method to learn how to convey your message even better. Four components are leading: Energy, Authenticity, Skills and Engagement. I coach and train you to be ‘at ease’ as a speaker!

How often do you hear that ‘younger’ colleagues have difficulty calling customers or suppliers? I do, quite often! And the cool thing is, that I, as a speaker coach, can and have helped organizations to teach their employees to improve their speaking skills. Also, on the telephone. I give in-company training and provide coaching tête-à-têtes. And the best part is that I really see every participant grow as a speaker. They discover their own personal effectiveness.

Do you dare to make your voice heard? Would you like more confidence when speaking? And do you also wish this for your employees? I’m happy to help. Do you dare to call?

Greetings, Marlou