What an experience to be a TEDx speaker coach! I got so energized by the people and the atmosphere. Working together with Nienke, Sandra and Ingrid, my Presentation-Master colleagues, was also such a joy.

The coachees I coached as a Presentation-Master, were so special. Like Wiro who taught us to bring our playing history back in our working life. It was great fun coaching him. He was so eager to learn and becoming a good TEDx speaker. And now he is. And then of course Paul and Femke. Femke stole my heart immediately after our first meeting by telling Paul: “I think we have a great coach and I’m sure she understands us and also our humour!” And yes, we really got connected. Femke is a strong and intelligent woman with flair who really wanted to sparkle on the TEDx stage. Which she did. And Paul became very special to me too. It was an eyeopener to discover we let looks deceive us. Paul has locked-in syndrome. He can neither move nor speak. He can only blink with his eyes. Yet, Paul is able to think, feel, see and hear. Being a speaker coach to a speaker who can’t talk … do I need to say more? Paul and Femke made me see and realize how important it is to look with your heart and not only with your eyes.

TedxTwenteU on the 12 of February 2020 was a great event. All the talks presented were fantastic. I feel so honoured that I was a part of the TEDxTwenteU team and could be a little wind of change too. CU next year?!

Love, Marlou

My coachees Wiro, Paul and Femke and me!